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New Drop (11/9)

It’s been a really, really long time since there’s been any movement on Dishonour. I’ve been running the brand for over 10 years now; over that time my life and priorities have changed hugely.

But a few months ago, I set out to dye up a handful of Dishonour tees that I had lying around. No huge visions or re-invention of the wheel… I’ve always enjoyed the process of tie-dying tees, so I organised myself and got busy.

Since then, I’ve been itching to get the tees out. This weekend, I found a few moments to shoot and process the photos, so here we are.

So anyway. The drop. It’s comprised of four different colourways in limited numbers, printed and dyed on our usual 180GSM black. A little slimmer and a little taller than your average tee, and finished with our signature neck label.

There’s a GIF below of all the colours – if you’re interested head over to the online store and grab yourself one. The numbers are limited – I have no idea how long these will be around for, so if you want one, don’t sleep.

Quite honestly I don’t know if this is ‘the last drop ever’ and I don’t want to overhype things. Dishonour has been a massive project for me over the last 10 years, and like I said – priorities change and motivation comes in ebbs and flows.

So until next time, thank you so much for the support over the last 10 years. Ride more.


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More more jack (16/10)

Holy smokes. Also, Jack is now on the Colony pro team (super well deserved).

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More Jack (9/10)

Rubers just hooked up a few more Jack photos. Thanks homie.

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Jack (8/10)

Last week Jack was in ADL with Brock, Vocko and Bics, filming for a little something something that Bics is working on. Shredder.

Thanks to Dave Rubinch for the photos.

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Rhys Division Project Section (24/9)

A minute ago the Division DVD prem’ed around Australia… and now the sections are coming up online. My boy Rhys had a full section, full of his usual fire and innovative manoeuvre. As a sick little brag, I introduced Rhys to the set-up for his ender.

We are also running a little Insta comp around this. Head to the @dishonourbrand Instagram, check it out.

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Ricky Scraps (16/9)

Words can’t really describe exactly how good Ricky is. The kid can do pretty much anything and is super creative. I dunno. So much heavy shit in this, psyched. Also, excellent and left-field musical reference with some Beck.

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Spring 2014 Drop (7/9)

So, the long awaited new drop is here. It’s been a while between drinks for Dishonour, but things are going to get moving again. A bit of a post about that is below this one, read it if you’re interested.

But anyway. The spring drop. So basically it’s a little collection of midweight and lightweight jumpers, along with a new acid tee. I’m really stoked on where it’s all at – no fucking around with stupid marketing bullshit – it’s all just subtle and high quality.


The zip-up hoods rock a 300GSM fleece, so they’re not super heavy and are perfect for this time of year. As a point of reference, most hoods usually weigh in at around 350GSM. So yeah, perfect for the cooler spring days, but you won’t overheat when the sun comes out either.

We’ve kept the branding nice and subtle with our logo embroidered on the right chest, with both colourways featuring a contrast white zipper and drawstrings.

They come in at $80 including shipping to anywhere in Australia via our online store.


The lightweight crewnecks feature an even lighter 250GSM fleece blend, and again are perfect for this time of year. In a similar vein to the zip-up hoods, branding is kept subtle with a black embroidered logo on both colourways.

My favorite touch with these ones is the tonal collar detailing.

They’re available for $70 shipped Australia-wide on our online store.


And finally we’ve got the Acid Tees. Rather than using the traditional spiral, we used a different dying process that’s resulted in a more erratic but still very psychadelic result.

Before you ask – yes we dyed these ourselves. Every single one. They’re not made in china, and it’s not a digital print. Every single one was created with love and care, here in Adelaide while putting away a few beers.

$40 shipped Australia-wide on the online store.

That’s it. Stoked to be back, much love and thanks for your support!

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Hiatus Ended (7/9)

A few weeks back I posted this on my personal Facebook. I never put it up here, but I should have. Given the drop is happening tonight, it’s a bit late… but I still figure it adds some meaning to the gap between posts.

Further to the comments below, I’ve really re-ignited my fire for the brand in the last few weeks. I’ve got some cool plans, and am really excited to see what is going to happen.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported the brand over the years – and I thank you in anticipation for your continued support.

People have been asking me a fair bit about what’s happening with Dishonour so I thought I should take a minute and clear the air.

I have lagged on the project for like a year now. I dunno, after five or six years of solid effort into it I just lost focus I guess. Like over the years it has waxed and waned as anything would but this last year there has been a lot of wane and not much wax. No wax.

New house, new job, walking the puppy regularly and competing priorities combined with a lack of energy have all taken their toll.

After a bit of a discussion on Saturday with a few cats, where I pretty much was explaining why I wasn’t psyched at all on things… I dunno, I’d call it a low point, vocalizing a lot of things in my head… I’ve got a new found fire in my belly for the brand.

All that said, I’m getting my things together to put something new out for Dishonour in the coming weeks.

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RIP EC Pool (22/4)

Last session for the Eat Children pool. I don’t know how many sessions went down there, the spot is pretty much a Murray Bridge institution. New spots abound, but it is with a hint of sadness that I say the pool is getting ‘dozed this week.

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Tristan Edit (24/3)

Little edit from young Tristan, kid is killing it. Only 16, he is gonna go places.

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