Dishonour Brand: BMX influenced apparel & denim from Adelaide, South Australia
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Support Local Tees (8/12)

Just a quick note to say that there is one of the very popular medium white tees stock on the online store. Just found out we received an extra white medium from our printers (dunno why). But its there. Grab it quick!

Update @ 2pm: Also there is a purple medium back in stock. I was holding it for someone but haven’t been able to get in contact with them for ages.

Update 9/12: The purple medium is sold out again.

Update 10/12: All the reds are sold out. Whoa!

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Browns Plains Xmas Jam (6/12)

If you’re in the area, don’t forget to head to this jam that our boy Illman is putting on this Saturday.

Browns Plains Skatepark X-Mas Jam


Mailing List (6/12)

I just discovered that the mailing list form wasn’t working… but it’s fixed now.

So yeah – if you want to stay in the loop with Dishonour news, go join up now.

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Welcome to the team, Alex (5/12)

This has been in the pipeline for ages… it’s been on the cards for about 3 or 4 months back now at least. I’ve always been a massive fan of Alex Hiam’s riding and his super relaxed attitude, and when I caught wind that he dug what we were about and wanted to ride for us it kinda hit me for six. After getting to know Alex it was pretty much impossible not get him on the team… welcome to the family bro!

A bunch more photos of Alex (pre leg snap) are on his team page.

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New website (4/12)

I’ve been wanting to get this site up for ages, but I didn’t really want to do a half-hearted attempt… it took seemingly forever to get everyone’s photos together and what not!

Anyway, have a look around. It’s kind of similar to the old website, but I think the structure is a lot nicer and there’s plenty of room to post photos and what not for the whole team, flow guys included.

The new online store is still being worked on… the old one is still going good guns, but yeah, the new one is just around the corner.


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Sam Illman slash Cali 2 slash Support Local (2/12)

I spoke to Sam about the possibility of clocking some clips for the cali 2/support local web promo, and he was keen. But the tees arrived really late, so the edits a bit late. It’s still a cool minute or so of jib clips from the boss!

If you want to pick up a pair of sunnies, they’re available now at Backbone BMX (Canberra), Little Black Bike (Adelaide),Riding Way (Melbourne) and Welly’s Cycles (Port Pirie). Helensvale‘s order is leaving my hands today, so they’ll have theirs early next week. And if you don’t live near one of those guys, we’ve always got the online store.


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Tenna (30/11)

A couple of weeks back Tenna came down to Adelaide and stayed with me for four or five days. We had a good time and got a bit of riding done… this sequence is proof:

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Out Now: Cali 2 / Support Local (28/11)

Without further adieu, the Cali 2 Sunnies and Support Local Tees are OUT NOW!

We’ve been sitting on the sunnies for a little while now, but we were just waiting on the tees. The simplest explanation is that we’ve moved to new t-shirts, and pretty much everything that could get delayed or go wrong in that process did so. But the good news is that we’re now printing on our own tees, they are really nice… very stoked.

Dishonour Cali 2 Sunglasses

As far as the tees go – no massive changes. The cotton we’ve used is really nice (big improvement over the Gildan’s we’ve stuck with for years) and the fit is a little bit taller.

Also, we don’t have too many pairs of sunnies left. So either get in super quick online or hit up one of our stockists ASAP to get yourself a pair.

Speaking of which… You can grab a pair of sunnies or tee from our online store, or one of our stockist… including Backbone BMX (ACT), Helensvale BMX (QLD), Little Black Bike (SA), Riding Way (VIC) The Sanction (NSW) or Welly’s Cycles (SA). Yeww!

Here’s the promo gif:

Dishonour Cali 2 Sunglasses & Support Local: Promo Gif

Go get some!

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Mikey McMah (26/11)

Our boy Mike has been filming these clips with Tave over the last few months, and I guess it was getting to a point where they were going to get really stale if we didn’t do something with them. So here they are, a few bangers in there… Mikey shreds!


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Our new stockist in Melbourne (24/11)

After a bit of Australia Post hassles (can’t complain too much, they’re usually pretty reliable) we’ve lined up Riding Way in Melbourne with some product.

Their first shipment contained some of our Smooth New Era Caps and Tees, and they’ve got a stash of Cali 2 Sunnies and Support Local tees on hold, ready to ship as soon as they drop.

So if you’re after some Dishonour gear and you’re in Melbourne, go hit Gorak and his crew up at Riding Way!

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