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New Drop

September 11th, 2016 — 5:05pm

It’s been a really, really long time since there’s been any movement on Dishonour. I’ve been running the brand for over 10 years now; over that time my life and priorities have changed hugely.

But a few months ago, I set out to dye up a handful of Dishonour tees that I had lying around. No huge visions or re-invention of the wheel… I’ve always enjoyed the process of tie-dying tees, so I organised myself and got busy.

Since then, I’ve been itching to get the tees out. This weekend, I found a few moments to shoot and process the photos, so here we are.

So anyway. The drop. It’s comprised of four different colourways in limited numbers, printed and dyed on our usual 180GSM black. A little slimmer and a little taller than your average tee, and finished with our signature neck label.

There’s a GIF below of all the colours – if you’re interested head over to the online store and grab yourself one. The numbers are limited – I have no idea how long these will be around for, so if you want one, don’t sleep.

Quite honestly I don’t know if this is ‘the last drop ever’ and I don’t want to overhype things. Dishonour has been a massive project for me over the last 10 years, and like I said – priorities change and motivation comes in ebbs and flows.

So until next time, thank you so much for the support over the last 10 years. Ride more.


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Spring 2014 Drop

September 7th, 2014 — 7:01pm

So, the long awaited new drop is here. It’s been a while between drinks for Dishonour, but things are going to get moving again. A bit of a post about that is below this one, read it if you’re interested.

But anyway. The spring drop. So basically it’s a little collection of midweight and lightweight jumpers, along with a new acid tee. I’m really stoked on where it’s all at – no fucking around with stupid marketing bullshit – it’s all just subtle and high quality.


The zip-up hoods rock a 300GSM fleece, so they’re not super heavy and are perfect for this time of year. As a point of reference, most hoods usually weigh in at around 350GSM. So yeah, perfect for the cooler spring days, but you won’t overheat when the sun comes out either.

We’ve kept the branding nice and subtle with our logo embroidered on the right chest, with both colourways featuring a contrast white zipper and drawstrings.

They come in at $80 including shipping to anywhere in Australia via our online store.


The lightweight crewnecks feature an even lighter 250GSM fleece blend, and again are perfect for this time of year. In a similar vein to the zip-up hoods, branding is kept subtle with a black embroidered logo on both colourways.

My favorite touch with these ones is the tonal collar detailing.

They’re available for $70 shipped Australia-wide on our online store.


And finally we’ve got the Acid Tees. Rather than using the traditional spiral, we used a different dying process that’s resulted in a more erratic but still very psychadelic result.

Before you ask – yes we dyed these ourselves. Every single one. They’re not made in china, and it’s not a digital print. Every single one was created with love and care, here in Adelaide while putting away a few beers.

$40 shipped Australia-wide on the online store.

That’s it. Stoked to be back, much love and thanks for your support!

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Ride or Die

December 11th, 2013 — 6:33pm

Ride or Die. Nuestra mierda. It’s our shit.

New tees and raglans, out now. All feature a subtle chest print and huge “Ride or Die” back print.

The black tee and heather/green raglan rock subtle black-on-black tonal printing, while the white/black raglan slightly more striking with black printing on the white sections of the shirt.

Not too much more descriptive words required other than we think they’re dope.

$40 each, available online (free shipping Australia wide) and available at our stockists later in the week.

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B Drop

September 19th, 2013 — 8:15pm

This one’s been on the boil for a minute, very stoked on how it came out. Got that throwback vibe on the jackets, and a super clean tasty tee to match. I’ma stoked.

So, B’s. The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Braves. Growing up, they were two of our favorite times. So it’s no surprise we constantly pay homage to them through the use of their colourways – forgetting the fact their colours are straight modern classics.

B’s Throwback Varsity Jacket

The varsity jackets area throwback style – satin inner and outer. We didn’t use a fill, meaning they are perfect for this time of year, end of Winter slash Spring weather. They also feature an inner stash pocket pocket.

These are extremely limited edition – if you want one, get one before they’re gone.

$95 shipped via the online store, or $110 in a pack with a tee.

B’s Tee

To coincide with the release of the B’s Throwback Varsity Jacket, we also had some tees to match manufactured.

Printed in Adelaide on our 180GSM blanks… slimmer and taller fit than your average tee.

Like the jackets, they’re extremely limited. Don’t miss em.

$40 shipped via the online store, or $110 in a pack with the throwback varsity jacket.

That’s it. Got any questions? Just holla at us, we’ll get back to you as quick as we can.

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Welcome to the crew Tristan / Valley Promo

August 13th, 2013 — 9:17pm

As a split welcome to the crew for our newest homie, Tristan Gray, and promo for our new Valley drop we’re running this web ad. Tristan with a wild ninja-drop at a very fun spot here in Adelaide.

A note on Tristan, he’s a young shredder from here in Adelaide. He’s been on the radar for a long time now, but we’ve been hanging a bit lately and it just makes sense to have him as a part of the crew. Welcome bro!

Scroll down a bit more to check the GIF.

Thanks to my dude Sam Waters for holding it down behind the lens, and Shizee for catching the clip turned GIF.

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Valley Drop

August 11th, 2013 — 7:22pm

It’s been a while between drops over here.

We haven’t been sitting on our haunches. There’s been some mitigating factors working against us. Firstly, we moved – which was a massive task, and took plenty of energy. Then of course we had numerous inevitable delays with manufacturers. And then some internal debate as to product line choices.

That’s all behind us though, and we’re back on track. Truth be told, this drop was scheduled for early June. It’s August now. Sorry dudes.

All in all, if I wanted to stay positive about it all, I’d call it a character building few months.

So here we are. The Valley drop. Hope you dig.


The Valley Snapbacks feature a woven Dishonour logo up front, a hand scrawled ‘RIDE MORE’ above the rear opening, and a Dishonour hand scrawled flag label hanging with the snaps.

Our structured five-panel snapback features a slightly lower profile fit than our standard six-panel snapback. It’s really only a five-panel when you look at the technical spec, as it is much more structured than your average five panel.

Available in camo w/black under-lid or black w/camo under-lid.

They’re $50 shipped and available online now.

Dishonour Valley Snapback Five Panel Camo Structured Ride More


Our Valley hoods feature warm 320gsm fleece, tonal hand-scrawled ‘Dishonour’ on the chest, and a long generous cut.

Oh yeah, and all-over forest camo print. I mean, how could you miss that.

They’re $75 shipped available online now.


The Valley pocket tee features all over forest camo print, with a black pocket and a woven hand-scrawled ‘d.’ label.

Not only have we just slapped a pocket on the chest, but we’ve also made a couple of slight revisions to the cut of our tees.

Basically, they’re around two inches longer than our standard tee. The other measurements are (more or less) the same. Same 182gsm cotton. Still pre-shrunk.

They’re $40 shipped available online now.


And as usual, if you want to grab all the items from this drop you can get them as a pack and save a few dollars.

The packs run at $150 and of course are available in our online store.

Ok, that’s it. Thanks to everyone who’s got into contact over the last few months and shared some kind words… Much love!

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Cali & Nomad Tie Dye Drop

March 17th, 2013 — 7:18pm

Really stoked to get these out. The last four weeks of my life have revolved around these tees! Like seriously. In between riding, doing other work and living a balanced life there has been dye, salt, t-shirts, rubber bands, gloves and stained skin.

Actually, I kinda lied. It’s pretty much been work and stained skin.

Tie dying on a major scale is always an interesting exercise. Six or seven hours of work on one task can stretch your motivation – but at times it is relaxing and can be fun. Other times you’d rather be doing something else. And sometimes… like when the dyes set wrong and waste 16 hours of work… it makes you want to cry.

So let it be known. These t-shirts are hand dyed with our love… plus a bit of blood, sweat and tears.

We ran with a couple of real popular designs with these tees, the Nomad and Hand Scrawled logos.

The Nomad tees feature Black / Purple / Greywash and Blue / Yellow tie dye:

While the Cali tees are printed on Deep Blue / Electric Blue and Orange / Black / Grey tie dye:

They’re all available online now, and will be at our stockists later in the week.

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Cali & Clique Drop

January 23rd, 2013 — 7:55pm

It’s about that time.

Got some new gear dropping this evening. New Cali shades, and some Clique Chino Shorts.

I guess we’ll talk about shorts first. I’m pretty stoked really, because it’s our first foray into the shorts game. I’ve always been a bit hesitant, but took our time to get them right.

As far as material spec goes – they are very, very similar to our Clique Slim chinos from last year. Except, they’re shorts. Cut is designed so they sit on or just above the knee. And they’ve got the detail you’d expect in something from Dishonour; our hand scrawled logo is featured on the button, woven labels, and a d tag hangs from the rear left pocket.

Available in bone or dark chocolate, and priced at $65 each. Or $120 for a couple of pairs. They’re on the online store now – and will be in our stockists later this week.

Now the second part to this month’s drop is a couple of pairs of Cali shades. While we’ve made some improvements to the manufacturing techniques used in previous years, they are very much the same shades that you’ve all known and loved.

Two new colourways are available for 2013 – matte black frames with purple haze (blue/purple) lenses, and translucent charcoal frames with chrome lenses.

Both have got die-case Dishonour hand scrawled logos on the temples.

They’re priced at $50 each, or $90 for both pairs. Available now via the online store, later in the week at our stockists.

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Christmas Orders

December 18th, 2012 — 4:43pm

Today’s the last day that you’ll be able to order and expect your order to arrive before Christmas, by standard mail.

Don’t stress too hard though – we are offering express post options too. That means you can order up until 7am this Friday, and your order will arrive on Christmas eve.

Have a dope break dudes!

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Dishonour X Stay Deadly X Crispy Stream

December 16th, 2012 — 7:15pm

This month we teamed up with the dudes from Stay Deadly and Crispy stream to bring you a little somethin somethin. Just before Christmas too. Ah yew.

This lil’ snapback we’ve got here is an entirely new snapback fit/shape for Dishonour. While it’s technically a five panel cap, it’s much more structured than what typically comes to mind when you talk five pans. Its a lower profile than our previous snapback releases. And everyone we’ve shown them to digs the fit.

They feature a woven Stay Deadly logo up front, a ‘STAY DEADLY X DISHONOUR’ above the rear opening, and a Dishonour hand scrawled flag label on the snaps.

Available in Maroon, Navy or Tan. $50 shipped via the online store, and will be in our stockists this week.

I don’t even know how long we’ve been talking with Vocko from Crispy Stream about getting together to do a tee. A good year at least.

For this tee, we gathered fifteen photos from the Crispy archives. Bikes, party, gwinces (dogs for the uninitiated) and unflattering portrait photos.

Available in white or athletic grey. I guess you could stay it’s PG rated. $35 shipped via the online store, available in stockists this week.

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