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Welcome to the crew Tristan / Valley Promo

August 13th, 2013 — 9:17pm

As a split welcome to the crew for our newest homie, Tristan Gray, and promo for our new Valley drop we’re running this web ad. Tristan with a wild ninja-drop at a very fun spot here in Adelaide.

A note on Tristan, he’s a young shredder from here in Adelaide. He’s been on the radar for a long time now, but we’ve been hanging a bit lately and it just makes sense to have him as a part of the crew. Welcome bro!

Scroll down a bit more to check the GIF.

Thanks to my dude Sam Waters for holding it down behind the lens, and Shizee for catching the clip turned GIF.

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Valley Drop

August 11th, 2013 — 7:22pm

It’s been a while between drops over here.

We haven’t been sitting on our haunches. There’s been some mitigating factors working against us. Firstly, we moved – which was a massive task, and took plenty of energy. Then of course we had numerous inevitable delays with manufacturers. And then some internal debate as to product line choices.

That’s all behind us though, and we’re back on track. Truth be told, this drop was scheduled for early June. It’s August now. Sorry dudes.

All in all, if I wanted to stay positive about it all, I’d call it a character building few months.

So here we are. The Valley drop. Hope you dig.


The Valley Snapbacks feature a woven Dishonour logo up front, a hand scrawled ‘RIDE MORE’ above the rear opening, and a Dishonour hand scrawled flag label hanging with the snaps.

Our structured five-panel snapback features a slightly lower profile fit than our standard six-panel snapback. It’s really only a five-panel when you look at the technical spec, as it is much more structured than your average five panel.

Available in camo w/black under-lid or black w/camo under-lid.

They’re $50 shipped and available online now.

Dishonour Valley Snapback Five Panel Camo Structured Ride More


Our Valley hoods feature warm 320gsm fleece, tonal hand-scrawled ‘Dishonour’ on the chest, and a long generous cut.

Oh yeah, and all-over forest camo print. I mean, how could you miss that.

They’re $75 shipped available online now.


The Valley pocket tee features all over forest camo print, with a black pocket and a woven hand-scrawled ‘d.’ label.

Not only have we just slapped a pocket on the chest, but we’ve also made a couple of slight revisions to the cut of our tees.

Basically, they’re around two inches longer than our standard tee. The other measurements are (more or less) the same. Same 182gsm cotton. Still pre-shrunk.

They’re $40 shipped available online now.


And as usual, if you want to grab all the items from this drop you can get them as a pack and save a few dollars.

The packs run at $150 and of course are available in our online store.

Ok, that’s it. Thanks to everyone who’s got into contact over the last few months and shared some kind words… Much love!

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Cali & Nomad Tie Dye Drop

March 17th, 2013 — 7:18pm

Really stoked to get these out. The last four weeks of my life have revolved around these tees! Like seriously. In between riding, doing other work and living a balanced life there has been dye, salt, t-shirts, rubber bands, gloves and stained skin.

Actually, I kinda lied. It’s pretty much been work and stained skin.

Tie dying on a major scale is always an interesting exercise. Six or seven hours of work on one task can stretch your motivation – but at times it is relaxing and can be fun. Other times you’d rather be doing something else. And sometimes… like when the dyes set wrong and waste 16 hours of work… it makes you want to cry.

So let it be known. These t-shirts are hand dyed with our love… plus a bit of blood, sweat and tears.

We ran with a couple of real popular designs with these tees, the Nomad and Hand Scrawled logos.

The Nomad tees feature Black / Purple / Greywash and Blue / Yellow tie dye:

While the Cali tees are printed on Deep Blue / Electric Blue and Orange / Black / Grey tie dye:

They’re all available online now, and will be at our stockists later in the week.

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Cali & Clique Drop

January 23rd, 2013 — 7:55pm

It’s about that time.

Got some new gear dropping this evening. New Cali shades, and some Clique Chino Shorts.

I guess we’ll talk about shorts first. I’m pretty stoked really, because it’s our first foray into the shorts game. I’ve always been a bit hesitant, but took our time to get them right.

As far as material spec goes – they are very, very similar to our Clique Slim chinos from last year. Except, they’re shorts. Cut is designed so they sit on or just above the knee. And they’ve got the detail you’d expect in something from Dishonour; our hand scrawled logo is featured on the button, woven labels, and a d tag hangs from the rear left pocket.

Available in bone or dark chocolate, and priced at $65 each. Or $120 for a couple of pairs. They’re on the online store now – and will be in our stockists later this week.

Now the second part to this month’s drop is a couple of pairs of Cali shades. While we’ve made some improvements to the manufacturing techniques used in previous years, they are very much the same shades that you’ve all known and loved.

Two new colourways are available for 2013 – matte black frames with purple haze (blue/purple) lenses, and translucent charcoal frames with chrome lenses.

Both have got die-case Dishonour hand scrawled logos on the temples.

They’re priced at $50 each, or $90 for both pairs. Available now via the online store, later in the week at our stockists.

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Frontier Button-Down Drop

September 17th, 2012 — 8:53pm

Man. So stoked to post this drop.

These have been literally years in the making, we’ve been trying so hard to get button-down shirts going. But as anyone in the apparel game will tell you, they’re tricky to get made, and super hard to get right.

Having said that – super happy with how these came out! They feature a slim and tall fit – they run quite tall, actually. Chest measurements are true to size, length is +1 size.

Details include custom dyed yarn, tonal embroidered handscrawled logo on the right chest-pocket as well as woven labels on the wrist cuff and bottom front of shirt.

They’re priced at $60 including shipping, or $100 if you grab both. Buy online now, or hit up one of our stockists when they arrive a little later this week.

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Edit Hype

July 6th, 2012 — 3:51pm

Keepin up that heat, we got an edit dropping Sunday night as a little promo for the new drop.

Features Dullah Djawas, Mozzy, Mikey McMah and Rhys Gogel.

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Camo Up in Smoke Drop

July 1st, 2012 — 5:57pm

Been working away quietly on this drop for some time now.

On the new windbreakers, we’ve gone with a nylon outer shell and cotton lining. But what does that mean?

Well basically, they’re wind and water proof, but feel like you’re wearing a regular fleece hoody. Super comfortable, but they keep you warm and dry. Perfect for this time of the year.

We’ve also revised the construction, camo-ed up the lining and included a hand scrawled ‘d’ zipper pull.

They’re available in sizes small through double x-large, and will set you back $85. Or $110 with a tee.

Dishonour Camo Up In Smoke Jacket

In keeping with the camoflauge theme, we’ve also got some new tees featuring our handscrawled logo with camo print run through.

As usual, they’re printed in Adelaide on our 180GSM blanks… slimmer and taller than your average tee. Available in sizes S-XXL and $35 a pop. Or $110 with a windbreaker.

Dishonour Camo Up in Smoke Tee

They’re available on our online store right now, and will be in stockists early this week.


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Six Years Deep Giveaway & 10% off

June 12th, 2012 — 3:00pm

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how we’ve turned six, and there was a celebration or two planned for this month.

Anyway, here it is. Basically what we’re doing is giving all of our Facebook fans a chance to win a $600 Dishonour prize pack. And anyone who enters in the draw also gets a 10% off coupon for our online store.

All you got to do is head over to our Facebook page (, like it, and click on the Six Years Deep tab. The tab is just chilling underneath the cover photo.

And of course, if you’ve already liked our page that’s sweet. You just gotta click the Six Years Deep tab and fill your details in to go in the draw and get your coupon code.

And much love to everyone who’s supported us over the years.

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Autumn 2012 Cali Drop

April 23rd, 2012 — 7:09pm

I’m sure many of you would know we wanted to drop this last night. Basically one little thing wasn’t quite ready, so we had to push it back. Sorry dudes.

Anyway. It’s here now, and only a day late. I’m super excited about it all, hope you are too.

First up we’ve got some new Cali shades. This time around we’ve gone for a leopard style tortoiseshell frame, teamed with some brown lenses and die-cast Dishonour logo’s on the temples. They’re equally suited to driving or drinking beer. But probably not drinking beer and driving at the same time. Feel me. $45 shipped from the online store.

Dishonour - Autumn 2012 Cali Sunglasses - Toirtoisehell

Along with the shades we’ve got some new hoodies with our rasta hand scrawled logo on the left-side chest. I think they all look pretty wild, but the maroon came out real dope. $80 shipped from our online store.

Dishonour - Autumn 2012 Cali Hoodies - Maroon, Athletic Grey, Black - Rasta Logo

And the pièce de résistance. Our acid dye tees. Now this is something that we slaved away at for days, and days, and days. We doused these tees in acid, dipped them in a neutralising solution and washed them. But at the end of the day the work payed off, I’m super, super, super stoked on how wild these tees look. $35 shipped from our online store, each tee is one of a kind so holla.

Dishonour - Autumn 2012 Acid Dye Tees - Tie Dye, Acid Dye, Swirls, Psychadelic

Well that’s it. If you’ve got any questions just flick us an email, otherwise enjoy the latest.

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Easter Goodtimes Sale

April 5th, 2012 — 9:12pm

I love this time of the year. Good weather, 4 days off hangin and rollin, everyone’s keen. We’re also doing a little sale on the online store… 20% off everything, just use the coupon code DOPEEASTER.

Hope you all have a rad one!

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