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Autumn 2012 Cali Drop (23/4)

I’m sure many of you would know we wanted to drop this last night. Basically one little thing wasn’t quite ready, so we had to push it back. Sorry dudes.

Anyway. It’s here now, and only a day late. I’m super excited about it all, hope you are too.

First up we’ve got some new Cali shades. This time around we’ve gone for a leopard style tortoiseshell frame, teamed with some brown lenses and die-cast Dishonour logo’s on the temples. They’re equally suited to driving or drinking beer. But probably not drinking beer and driving at the same time. Feel me. $45 shipped from the online store.

Dishonour - Autumn 2012 Cali Sunglasses - Toirtoisehell

Along with the shades we’ve got some new hoodies with our rasta hand scrawled logo on the left-side chest. I think they all look pretty wild, but the maroon came out real dope. $80 shipped from our online store.

Dishonour - Autumn 2012 Cali Hoodies - Maroon, Athletic Grey, Black - Rasta Logo

And the pièce de résistance. Our acid dye tees. Now this is something that we slaved away at for days, and days, and days. We doused these tees in acid, dipped them in a neutralising solution and washed them. But at the end of the day the work payed off, I’m super, super, super stoked on how wild these tees look. $35 shipped from our online store, each tee is one of a kind so holla.

Dishonour - Autumn 2012 Acid Dye Tees - Tie Dye, Acid Dye, Swirls, Psychadelic

Well that’s it. If you’ve got any questions just flick us an email, otherwise enjoy the latest.

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