Dishonour Brand: BMX influenced apparel & denim from Adelaide, South Australia
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Regency Jam (29/11)

Dope edit from the Jam we ran last weekend. Props to my boy Doug Underhil for clipping up and putting it all together.

More jams to come this summer…

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Brock (24/11)

Brock busted his knee a couple of months back. Which isn’t very good. Small handful of clips lying around, so I guess we gotta make the most of them.

Keep your fingers crossed for Brock, dude is on the waiting list for a knee op.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Rhys for Division (20/11)

Rhys has been working on this for ages now, I’m so stoked to see it drop. Rhys is good.


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Posted by James in Crew

Ricky (9/10)

New edit from our little homie Rickie, this shit is just scraps that he wanted to keep off the cutting room floor before filming his next edit. Fire as fuck.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Tristan Edit (27/9)

Quick little edit from Tristan. He’d been working on something a little bit longer, but broke off his wrist a few weeks back. In an effort to make sure it doesn’t go stale, he just dropped what he had been filming. Solid as fuck. Big things gonna come from this kid.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

B Drop (19/9)

This one’s been on the boil for a minute, very stoked on how it came out. Got that throwback vibe on the jackets, and a super clean tasty tee to match. I’ma stoked.

So, B’s. The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Braves. Growing up, they were two of our favorite times. So it’s no surprise we constantly pay homage to them through the use of their colourways – forgetting the fact their colours are straight modern classics.

B’s Throwback Varsity Jacket

The varsity jackets area throwback style – satin inner and outer. We didn’t use a fill, meaning they are perfect for this time of year, end of Winter slash Spring weather. They also feature an inner stash pocket pocket.

These are extremely limited edition – if you want one, get one before they’re gone.

$95 shipped via the online store, or $110 in a pack with a tee.

B’s Tee

To coincide with the release of the B’s Throwback Varsity Jacket, we also had some tees to match manufactured.

Printed in Adelaide on our 180GSM blanks… slimmer and taller fit than your average tee.

Like the jackets, they’re extremely limited. Don’t miss em.

$40 shipped via the online store, or $110 in a pack with the throwback varsity jacket.

That’s it. Got any questions? Just holla at us, we’ll get back to you as quick as we can.

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Posted by James in Product

Plywood Party… Doin it for Chief Street (17/9)

On the weekend, our buddy Gus had a jam at the infamous Chief St. Basically, he’s got a sweet backyard ramp setup, wants expand it, doesn’t have money for ply… what better way than invite all the dudes round and get them to donate a sheet or two of ply each. I like Gus and I like his ramps, so I flicked a bit of coin his way to fund upgrades too, so he put a Dishonour sticker on his flyer. Everyone happy.

Mozzy killing it.

Col rules this vert wall. Gutter tap. Gotta be at least 20 feet from flat.

Dempsey a little later on in the evening, upside down with a few brews under his belt.

Oh and the flyer. I love this.

Big thanks to Dave Rubinich for supplying the photos. Best dude.

Homie Mixtape (10/9)

We flow a little bit of product to Ricky Catanzariti, a young shredder from down here in Adelaide. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Anyway, Ricky and a few of his homies made a little mixtape. Wild clips from Ricky – he’s on the gold Zingbergs frame. Flair on a tree, whatever.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Brock Clips (25/8)

Some new but quite old footage from Brock. To my eye, I’m guessing this dates at least 18 months, maybe more. Nevertheless its solid.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Instagram Slam: Brock & Kajewski (17/8)

Brock and Nick were featured in TCU‘s latest instagram slam… straight fire clips ya hear. Also I didn’t know Nick could backie or do truckie to x-up. Props to you Nick.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits, Friends