Dishonour Brand: BMX influenced apparel & denim from Adelaide, South Australia
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Welcome to the crew Tristan / Valley Promo (13/8)

As a split welcome to the crew for our newest homie, Tristan Gray, and promo for our new Valley drop we’re running this web ad. Tristan with a wild ninja-drop at a very fun spot here in Adelaide.

A note on Tristan, he’s a young shredder from here in Adelaide. He’s been on the radar for a long time now, but we’ve been hanging a bit lately and it just makes sense to have him as a part of the crew. Welcome bro!

Scroll down a bit more to check the GIF.

Thanks to my dude Sam Waters for holding it down behind the lens, and Shizee for catching the clip turned GIF.

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Broc Raiford (13/8)

New edit from Broc Raiford just dropped, we’ve been flowing him a little bit of goods here and there. Rad dude, amazing rider. Enjoy.

And while we’re talkin Broc, much love for reppin’ strong in the 2014 Volume catalog.

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Weekend (12/8)

On the weekend we were jibbin’ around the place at this spot with a dope polejam setup. This is Shizee’s take on things:

“James Wade nearly did that (switch hanger photo below) and then lets just say Rhys was very impressed (photo below that)!”

Seriously though, much love to Shizee for clipping on Saturday. Dude is a gun at filming, so laid back and relaxed, but has his shit on lock. Check his blog because he’s alright.

While you’re here, here’s a photo of Rhys actually riding the polejam.

And finally, here’s a photo of my dude absolutely tearing the pole jam a new one. Sam Waters, switch whip. Sam don’t ride for us, but he’s my boy, so fuck it. Life isn’t that serious anyway. Props to Sam.

Last two photos by Dave Rubinich, check his blog for more.

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Valley Drop (11/8)

It’s been a while between drops over here.

We haven’t been sitting on our haunches. There’s been some mitigating factors working against us. Firstly, we moved – which was a massive task, and took plenty of energy. Then of course we had numerous inevitable delays with manufacturers. And then some internal debate as to product line choices.

That’s all behind us though, and we’re back on track. Truth be told, this drop was scheduled for early June. It’s August now. Sorry dudes.

All in all, if I wanted to stay positive about it all, I’d call it a character building few months.

So here we are. The Valley drop. Hope you dig.


The Valley Snapbacks feature a woven Dishonour logo up front, a hand scrawled ‘RIDE MORE’ above the rear opening, and a Dishonour hand scrawled flag label hanging with the snaps.

Our structured five-panel snapback features a slightly lower profile fit than our standard six-panel snapback. It’s really only a five-panel when you look at the technical spec, as it is much more structured than your average five panel.

Available in camo w/black under-lid or black w/camo under-lid.

They’re $50 shipped and available online now.

Dishonour Valley Snapback Five Panel Camo Structured Ride More


Our Valley hoods feature warm 320gsm fleece, tonal hand-scrawled ‘Dishonour’ on the chest, and a long generous cut.

Oh yeah, and all-over forest camo print. I mean, how could you miss that.

They’re $75 shipped available online now.


The Valley pocket tee features all over forest camo print, with a black pocket and a woven hand-scrawled ‘d.’ label.

Not only have we just slapped a pocket on the chest, but we’ve also made a couple of slight revisions to the cut of our tees.

Basically, they’re around two inches longer than our standard tee. The other measurements are (more or less) the same. Same 182gsm cotton. Still pre-shrunk.

They’re $40 shipped available online now.


And as usual, if you want to grab all the items from this drop you can get them as a pack and save a few dollars.

The packs run at $150 and of course are available in our online store.

Ok, that’s it. Thanks to everyone who’s got into contact over the last few months and shared some kind words… Much love!

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Illman (29/7)

Sammy with an oppo hanger on the weekend. Heavy crew rollin’ deep.

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Gogel (19/7)

Rhys with a pretty wild pillar carve, photo by Rubers.

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Brock/Kajewski/Crispy (17/7)

New edit from Vocko at Crispy featuring Brock and Nick K, as well as a bunch of that crew. Good dudes.

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New Will Gunn Edit (8/7)

Well holy shit. This edit is insane. Will rules.

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Brock (4/7)

The other day Brock did a pretty wild switch ice.

Then got to go to A$AP Rocky’s show.

Particularly jealous.

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Kajewski (3/7)

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