Dishonour Brand: BMX influenced apparel & denim from Adelaide, South Australia
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Jack Kelly 10 Clip (20/3)

So I’m on Instagram, just doin’ what you do, you know, Instagrammin’. I’m like, I’ll Instagram a photo of Jack Kelly.

2 seconds later, up pops Jack Kelly’s ten clips. Holy shitballs batman. Jack rules, this edit is solid, fuck yeah, dude can party, the ladies love him, you should be a little more like Jack, etc, etc, etc.

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Cali & Nomad Tie Dye Drop (17/3)

Really stoked to get these out. The last four weeks of my life have revolved around these tees! Like seriously. In between riding, doing other work and living a balanced life there has been dye, salt, t-shirts, rubber bands, gloves and stained skin.

Actually, I kinda lied. It’s pretty much been work and stained skin.

Tie dying on a major scale is always an interesting exercise. Six or seven hours of work on one task can stretch your motivation – but at times it is relaxing and can be fun. Other times you’d rather be doing something else. And sometimes… like when the dyes set wrong and waste 16 hours of work… it makes you want to cry.

So let it be known. These t-shirts are hand dyed with our love… plus a bit of blood, sweat and tears.

We ran with a couple of real popular designs with these tees, the Nomad and Hand Scrawled logos.

The Nomad tees feature Black / Purple / Greywash and Blue / Yellow tie dye:

While the Cali tees are printed on Deep Blue / Electric Blue and Orange / Black / Grey tie dye:

They’re all available online now, and will be at our stockists later in the week.

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Young and retarded (15/3)

This is going to be good. Stoked to see Brock and Liam are featured heavily. Props.

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Brock / Ditchburn Split (9/3)

Brock and Ditchburn go clip for clip on this little flat rail, along with some guest clips from Gabe Brooks and Tony Neyer. Brock is killing it.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Nick & Jerry Split (5/3)

Holmes has been progressively dropping Everyday is a Saturday sections over the last week – here’s Nick’s split section with his homie Jerry. So fucking good.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Coppin it Deadly (2/3)

I love these mixes from Crispy. Brock is absolutely killing everything in it. Mackle rules. Kajewski slays Ammon in a topless running race. Cross promotion: buy a Dishonour X Crispy Tee here. Buy four. Props to you Vocko.

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Alex Hiam Edit (27/2)

A couple of weeks back Alex flicked me a draft of his edit, and I was super impressed, and super excited to see it drop. But mannnn. This is really, really good. The last 12-18 months for Alex has been really tough for the little fella, with a whole host of injuries that stacked up back to back. So props to you Alex for being persistent and holding it down. Solid as fuck.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits

Support Rider Owned (27/2)

This piece by Steve Crandall from FBM really struck a chord with me. And I think it’s something that doesn’t really get talked about anywhere near as much as it should.

Support rider owned brands. Keep your dollars in the scene. The big corporates don’t give a fuck about BMX or our culture, they get involved because they see dollars in what we do.

And as soon as they stop making money (or realise there is no money to be made) they’ll drop BMX on its ass.

Case in point: DC just dropped their entire BMX program this week.

Keep it real. Support rider owned.

The word from FBM:

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Posted by James in Crew

Illman (25/2)

A few of us were checking this spot the other week. I was preaching the gospel according to tooth hang, then a photo of Illman pops up of old mate Icey. BMX trick names are so dorky.

Mikey WZA Slideshow (22/2)

Mikey built up a bike a few weeks back, and the dudes at Little Black Bike made a little slideshow deal outta it. I think they actually are selling a bike that’s exactly the same build, if that’s something you’re keen on, holla at em.

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Posted by James in Crew, Edits