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Plywood Party… Doin it for Chief Street (17/9)

On the weekend, our buddy Gus had a jam at the infamous Chief St. Basically, he’s got a sweet backyard ramp setup, wants expand it, doesn’t have money for ply… what better way than invite all the dudes round and get them to donate a sheet or two of ply each. I like Gus and I like his ramps, so I flicked a bit of coin his way to fund upgrades too, so he put a Dishonour sticker on his flyer. Everyone happy.

Mozzy killing it.

Col rules this vert wall. Gutter tap. Gotta be at least 20 feet from flat.

Dempsey a little later on in the evening, upside down with a few brews under his belt.

Oh and the flyer. I love this.

Big thanks to Dave Rubinich for supplying the photos. Best dude.

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