Dishonour Brand: BMX influenced apparel & denim from Adelaide, South Australia

Hiatus Ended (7/9)

A few weeks back I posted this on my personal Facebook. I never put it up here, but I should have. Given the drop is happening tonight, it’s a bit late… but I still figure it adds some meaning to the gap between posts.

Further to the comments below, I’ve really re-ignited my fire for the brand in the last few weeks. I’ve got some cool plans, and am really excited to see what is going to happen.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported the brand over the years – and I thank you in anticipation for your continued support.

People have been asking me a fair bit about what’s happening with Dishonour so I thought I should take a minute and clear the air.

I have lagged on the project for like a year now. I dunno, after five or six years of solid effort into it I just lost focus I guess. Like over the years it has waxed and waned as anything would but this last year there has been a lot of wane and not much wax. No wax.

New house, new job, walking the puppy regularly and competing priorities combined with a lack of energy have all taken their toll.

After a bit of a discussion on Saturday with a few cats, where I pretty much was explaining why I wasn’t psyched at all on things… I dunno, I’d call it a low point, vocalizing a lot of things in my head… I’ve got a new found fire in my belly for the brand.

All that said, I’m getting my things together to put something new out for Dishonour in the coming weeks.

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