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Bradleeeeey (3/5)

Our homie Brad has these kickers in his yard up in the Mount. When I say kickers, they are more like dirt jumps. I dunno. It’s like a kicker ramp to dirt jump landing. Anyway, Brad kills them.

Brad Wright & Karl Legget

Karl Legget up front with a massive t-down, while Brad clicks a wild x.

Brad Wright

Kickin it.

Brad Wright

The one and only…

Props to Kane Naaraat for shootin these suckers. Suss his website for more dope photos of the Mount Gambier crew.

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Zingbergs sux (3/5)

This has absolutely nothing to do with Dishonour really, but Liam Zingbergs is my pal and he got 5th in the Asian X-Games on the weekend. He beat fuckin’ Nathan Williams! Really stoked for him, can’t wait for him to get back and talk salt.

Liam Zingbergs

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Will G (1/5)

A flick of old mate Will Gunn killing it at BMX Games earlier this year. Dude is real good.

Will Gunn

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soooollld up (29/4)

Just a quick little post, just sold outta the Compton snap-backs. Dang!

Never fear, we got some new ill shit dropping over the next few months. Stay tuned.

P.S. The Old Mate jeans are also running off the shelves… size 34 in particular is pretty low, but I don’t expect we will have many left within a few weeks. We’ve been getting real, real positive reviews from cats that have got their orders… so what are you waiting for? Hit on the online store or mack on one of our stockists.

Mike McMah… not the sharpest tool in the shed (29/4)

Ok… so Mikey McMah can ride a bike. Some proof…

Exhibit A:

Mike McMah

Exhibit B:

Mike McMah

Exhibit C:

He most certainly is not the sharpest tool in the shed:

Mike McMah / Crispy

So yeah. Head over to Crispy and find out what they about. Crispy = the dopest. One word. Josh Irvine interview.

That’s enough for today. Peace!

Alex (28/4)

Our boy Alex got a dope in-depth interview over at BMX Union. I tell you what, the kid got wisdom beyond his years.

Alex Hiam / The Union Interview

Can’t wait to see his Colony part. It’s gonna be bananas.

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illmatic (27/4)

We all know that Illman can sling a mean barspin, but this photo is somethin’ special.

Sam Illman

Poached from FP.

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Reppin’ (25/4)

It’s been a while since we did our last reppin post… so here goes:

Sam Illman & Andy Hately

Andy Hately and Sam Illman reppin’, yeowwww!

Jaxon Andrewartha

Jaxon Andrewartha actin’ out + reppin’ our Compton snapback.

Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson slingin’ + On the Make Jersey times.

Braden Moresi

Braden Moresi kickin’ back with our Smooth New Era.

Jason James

Jason James gettin’ all model steeze in our On the Make jersey.

Chris McFadden

Chris McFadden reppin’ our smooth new era, I think either he has done something to change the colour (bleach?) or his web cam is dead.

Karl Legget

Karl Leggett scooter pop in his vintage DIshonour Brooklyn New Era.

Peta Shepherd

Peta Shepherd’s lil buddy reppin’ our Compton snap-back.

Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson in his Compton snap-back.

Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart meeting Nathan Williams + Relax Crewneck & Aths New Era.

Jaxon Anderson

Jax Anderson killing this large semi-flat rail in his Aths hoodie + New Era.

Dommo Cables

Dommo Cables callin’ home from London. Can’t wait to get there myself!

Clint Jackman

Clint Jackman doing a little bit of shopping in his On the Make jersey.

Daniel Hotham

Daniel Hotham… I think he might be texting in our Smooth New Era.

Mike McMah

Mike McMah. Lil bit messy buddy.

Lachy Swanton

Lachy Swanton chillin’ slash awkwardly posin’ in his Smooth New Era.

If you possibly want to be included in our reppin’ posts, add us as a friend on Facebook and tag us in your photos. Yew!

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photo dump (22/4)

Bunch of photos from the last photobook project… bits and pieces from our trip and some time around Adelaide. Scroll down!

Mike McMah

Jake Shepherd



The Crew in Melbourne

Jake Shepherd

Jadan Roxburgh

Mike McMah

Mike McMah


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And the winner is… (21/4)

We ran a little facebook competition over the last couple of weeks promoting our mailing list. Basically the deal was, join up and go into the draw to win a couple of tees/singlets. All the guys who were already singed up also got their names thrown in for a chance to win some stuff.

There was a pretty good response to the whole deal, plus it’s Easter, so I’m feeling a bit generous. Rather than drawing one name out of the hat, I’ve drawn three.

David Ormie from the Northern Territory,
Alex Coumailleau from Queensland / France (haha), and
Kyle Sinfield from SA.

I’ll send out an email to you dudes this afternoon just getting a postal address plus size informations.

Holla + Happy easter!

PS. If you aren’t already signed up, join the mailing list and be first to know what’s up! We won’t send you a million e-mails, it’s usually one or maybe two a month.

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