Dishonour Brand: BMX influenced apparel & denim from Adelaide, South Australia

Clique drop spec (31/5)

Over the last few months, our drops have been delayed 7-10 days. I should just push shit back, then we’d be on time. But it’s here now, 2 weeks late, what of it.

I say this on most drops, but I’m really excited to release this stuff. I’ve been sitting on this tee design for the best part of the years, and the chinos have been a long, long time in the making. Getting anything to do with your legs right takes a fair bit of effort.

So, the chinos. They’re slim and low slung. Instead of just a 100% cotton material, we went with a 98 / 2 cotton spandex blend, which gives the pants a little bit of stretch. That makes them comfy. As with all our denim and pants, they rep a 34″ inseam which is super tall.

As usual, expect high attention to detail… neat buttons, woven labels and our hand scrawled ‘d.’ hanging out on the rear right pocket.

All you’ve got to do is pick your colour – bone or dark chocolate brown.

$85 shipped via the online store, or $110 with a tee.

Dishonour Clique Slim Chino - Chocolate Brown

Dishonour Clique Slim Chino - Bone

Now for the tees. Like I said, I’ve been sitting on this for the best part of a year, maybe a bit longer. On the 2011 east coast trip, I really wanted to catch a shot of the crew rolling around. Got this riding down to the docklands, from memory I was riding pretty quick, one hand on the bars, the other on the Nikon I had at the time.

Same deal as always for tees. Slightly taller, slimmer tee than usual. 180GSM mid weight cotton. Pick from black or white.

$35 shipped via the online store, or $110 with a pair of chinos.

Dishonour Clique Tee


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